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This week, I chatted with Carl Sednaoui, an email marketing consultant and co-founder of MailCharts, a tool e-commerce marketers use to uncover their next email move.

We decided to go back to the basic building blocks of email marketing: newsletters and drip campaigns. This is a great introduction for beginners, and for more advanced types, a quick refresher with helpful pro-tips and food for thought.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the next 12 minutes:

  • When you use newsletters versus drip emails — and what to expect.
  • What to do if you don’t have anything new to share in a newsletter.
  • One great tactic that both builds relationships and improves deliverability.

AMA: We cover the basics here, but newsletters and drip emails aren’t always simple. Ask your questions in the comment section below. Carl and I will answer them!

Watch our chat:

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Communicating as a business can create a strange mental trap that makes you forget that you’re dealing with other human beings.

You have relationships of all kinds, so you already understand two basic rules. One, relationships require management...

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