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Concierge onboarding doubled our conversion rate to paid in July

Concierge onboarding doubled conversions

… well, just about doubled. We’ve been running our concierge onboarding test for just under 400 observations (200 A and 200 B).

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Curiosity makes you a better marketer

One of the most important traits to have as an email marketer (or as a marketer in general) is curiosity.

Curiosity leads you to ask questions like:

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What's your conversion rate from trial to paid?

Conversion rate

Do you know how many of the people who start a free trial end up paying you real money? has improved from a bad conversion rate to a slightly less bad conversion rate. Here it is reported from our internal dashboard:

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When is it ok to send an email without an unsubscribe link?

When is it ok to email without an unsubscribe?

My friend Bryan asked me “When is it ok to send an email without an unsubscribe link?”.

Well Bryan, there’s a lot of nuance when it comes to laws and ethics around sending emails. Since we make email software, we want to help you adhere to the laws in your jurisdiction (at a minimum). Beyond legal compliance, I want you sending emails that recipients want to receive. That’s better for you and better for your audience.

I’m not surprised you were confused about laws around unsubscribe links. Understanding CAN-SPAM is a good place to start if you have US audience.

Keep in mind that if you’re a US company sending to Canada, CAN-SPAM does not apply at all and instead you need to look at CASL. Spam laws tend to be based on the recipient’s rather than sender’s country.

This is going to be fun. Let’s dig in.

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What we learned by abandoning the shackles of an office to become a remote company

Working Remotely

In December 2013, all full time employees at were in the same office in New York City. Late last year we tried a 2 month experiment with remote working and had great results.

This gave us the confidence to decide at the end of 2013 to make it ok for people to be distributed. We made that decision public in our Annual Report and many people have been curious about how our experiment has been going.

5 months in to 2014, we’re now a distributed team.

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Personalized emails will make your customers even happier email campaign customer personalization

Have you ever walked into your favorite store or restaurant and a member of the staff immediately recognized you? Imagine they said something like “Hey Sofia, we just got in a great hat that will go with the coat you bought last month!”

It would be a pretty surprising feeling, right?

We’re used to wandering anonymously through the world. However, if we’re offered useful information based on our likes… well that would be pretty handy.

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