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Most of the internet was reacting this week to an exploit called Heartbleed.

On Tuesday, we had closed the primary vector of attack and tweeted about it.

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The frugal writer's guide to making content work twice as hard

Here’s a secret for you. You don’t just get one shot when you write an article. Your idea has the potential to extend far beyond that initial post.

When I first joined, I struggled with how I’d come up with original content for every blog post, email education course, and presentation I envisioned for our marketing strategy. I was overwhelmed by the stress of generating all that material.

The fog cleared when Colin explained that it would be better to write one great piece of content, then adapt it to other places later. All I’d have to do is recycle my work.

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How to send SaaS onboarding emails without being a nag

Most people write their onboarding emails all wrong. The key to onboarding new people in your SaaS app isn’t to nag them in to submission. In this article, you’ll learn going how to write onboarding emails that provide value and that people will appreciate receiving. We’re going to show you how to not be a nag.

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How to write emails people actually want to read

Even if you’re a good writer, writing great emails isn’t easy. It’s difficult to figure out the perfect subject line, or how to make your emails so compelling you can’t help but stop and read them. But as’s new marketing manager, that’s one of the things I have to do for each week.

Hello, I'm Nora!

Hi, I’m Nora, and I’ve been writing this newsletter and managing the blog for almost a month!

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Using color in your emails - what you need to know

Email marketing color spectrum

Color adds visual intrigue and brings a new dimension to your emails beyond black and white text. It can also help you better direct your readers’ attention to important messages, buttons, or calls to action. After you’ve made your sure your email is optimized for mobile and web, looks great, and has compelling content, consider adding color to your emails to make them even more successful.

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Clarifying our privacy policy

A prospective customer had some questions about how we handle your end-user PII (the data about the people who use your app or site). Our privacy policy wasn’t as clear as it could have been.

We want to try and convey:

Your data is your data. You’re just storing it in so we can use it to provide you a service.

To provide you with service, we need to share some things that are end-user PII with third parties. For example we need to share someone’s email address with our partner Sendgrid in order send an email to them. But there’s no way in heck we’re ever going to be doing sketchy things like selling your data!

We worked with our lawyer to update the language and make it clearer.

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