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Companies have a lot to say to their customers. In the last year alone, we delivered over 38 billion messages across channels like email, push, in-app, and SMS to help our customers achieve their goals. We’re on a mission to transform the way companies communicate with customers. Our platform has evolved dramatically over the last few years as we work to achieve this mission. As our company changes, we want our brand to reflect who we are and where we’re going.

The journey so far

You might have seen some of our brand evolution to date. In 2013, we introduced our first professionally designed logo and identity, which served us well for nearly six years. And, in February 2019, as our product expanded beyond email, we felt the need to reimagine our logo to reflect the joy customers experience when setting up their email, push notifications, SMS, and in-app messages in logos over the years
People love our logo, yet we’ve chosen to evolve it once more. What’s different now? A lot has changed since 2019. Over five times as many companies use, and we now offer three products on our platform: Journeys, Data Pipelines, and Parcel. Our expectations of who we want to be for our customers continue to rise as well.

Our new look

New logo
Today, we’re unveiling a new chapter in our brand story, marking a significant milestone in our journey that will unlock new possibilities and support our products and customers in ways previously unimagined. Crafting a new brand identity is a collaborative endeavor reflecting where we’ve been and intend to go next. It represents who we are and impacts the type of customers and future coworkers we attract. logomark breakdown
Our new logomark embodies the core attributes of the brand—powerful, adaptive, and helpful. It visually represents our belief that data leads to better results, that our platform puts your customer at the center, and a desire to always be moving forward. new logo application new logo application on swag
The logo is just one element of our new visual direction. You’ll also notice changes in our color palette, typography, and art direction, all aimed at delivering memorable experiences and reshaping people’s perceptions of

Looking ahead

You can probably tell by my tone that I’m really proud of how our new branding represents who we are for our customers today and who we are working to become. We’ve evolved from a product to a platform, and our new branding supports that with room to grow. Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter, and it’s only the beginning. In the coming months, you’ll see our new branding reflected across our website, communications, and products. We’re committed to ensuring a seamless transition for our customers and community, and we’re thrilled to embark on this next phase of our journey together.