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3 Profitable Businesses That Rely On Email Marketing

Email marketing goes beyond sending a helpful message to your customers. Learn how three companies boost engagement and generate revenue with email.

Creating Promotional Emails That Actually Drive User Action

Shayla Price
Cookie-cutter promotional emails don’t motivate your audience. Learn how dynamic segmentation can deliver targeted promotions to your customers’ inboxes.

Selling with Email: How to Spot the Close of the Deal

Shayla Price
Sending just educational emails to potential buyers won’t close the deal. Find out how to segment your audience based on their level of awareness to earn more sales.

7 Must-Have Lifecycle Email Campaigns to Grow Your Business

Janet Choi
Lifecycle emails improve your core product experience and build trust with your brand. Here’s a list of campaigns that you should be using to make happy customers and unlock growth.

How Clearbit Personalizes Emails with (and Achieves a 49% Open Rate)

Email personalization is all about the smart use of customer behavior data, not first names. Here’s how Clearbit created their data-driven lifecycle email strategy, using

Scale Trust, Not Lists

List growth shouldn’t be your number one priority as an email marketer. Here’s how focusing on people increases your odds of marketing success.

What’s in an FNAME?

Janet Choi
Modern email personalization relies on behavioral data. A look at why behavioral marketing has been so slow on the uptake and how it can transform your emails.

Stop Blasting Your Email

Janet Choi
The era of batch-and-blast is over. Here’s how that affects FAQs about email marketing best practices and what the smarter, modern approach you should be using looks like.

33 Ways to Personalize Your Emails at Scale

Segmentation is the key to tailoring your emails. Find out how segmentation works to improve email performance metrics across the board and get inspired by 33 segmentation recipes.