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March Release Notes

Chad Glosier
This month, we focused on giving you control over all the data stored and generated by with a new interface for data warehouse integrations, helping you export and use your data in your business intelligence stack.  Read on to learn more about this and other features we shipped last month….

February Release Notes

Chad Glosier
This month, we continued on our quest to help you capture and convert leads with a new Facebook Lead Ads integration. This integration builds on our release from last month, when we added a new type of workspace that lets you add leads—people you know only by their email address. Read on to learn more about this and ever…

January Release Notes

Chad Glosier
This month, we made it possible to add people to your workspace using only their email addresses and provided tools to save time when you create or edit complex campaign workflows. Read on to learn more about the features we shipped in the past month. What’s New? Email Addresses as Unique Keys You’re probably us…

December Release Notes

Chad Glosier
At, we want to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your audience. Part of that is making sure you don’t wear out your welcome. This month, we added a feature to help you limit the messages you send and respect your audience’s inbox. Read on to learn what other new features we shipped in the last mon…

Year in Review: Top 20 Features From 2020

Alex Heurich
To wrap up the year, here are the highlights of what we delivered for you: Brand new capabilities Transactional Emails – Now, you can send emails by calling our API. Our transactional service provides a dedicated lane to create and send transactional messages independent of your marketing messages, ensuring th…

November Release Notes

Alex Heurich
Our goal at is to help you consolidate all your bulk and automated messages so you have a single picture of all your customer communications. Continuing on this mission, we launched a new way to send transactional messages: now you can send messages directly from code using our Transactional API. Read on to f…

October Release Notes

Alex Heurich
Did you have a cup of java to celebrate International Coffee Day in October? Our team celebrated with a global coffee exchange. With elevated energy levels, we were focused on speeding up the workflow builder and adding the final touches to some upcoming (and BIG!) features that we’re not quite ready to reveal yet. In th…

September Release Notes

We were busy in September working on some big projects you’ll see later this year, yet we always leave room for improvements to performance, usability, and small commonly requested features. Read on to learn what we improved this month! What’s New? Tagging for Newsletters and Segments Sometimes you spend a littl…

August Release Notes

Alex Heurich
No lazy days of summer over here! Our team was heads down working on new features, including our new Workspace Dashboard. Read on to learn what else we shipped in August. What’s New? New Workspace Dashboard Stay on top of how your account is performing at a glance with the new workspace dashboard. This is the fi…

You Can Now Configure as an mParticle Feed

Alex Heurich
mParticle users rejoice! Before,’s mParticle integration only allowed to receive data from mParticle. Now, can be set up to send your customer and messaging data back to mParticle as a feed, unifying your data all in one place. The Data We Send Back to mParticle In just a few cli…
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