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Data Pipelines is now open for all’s new customer data platform (CDP) moves into general availability with data warehouse destinations, reverse ETL, and unlimited API calls in 2023.

Data Pipelines is now available for general access, ready to connect your customer data to every product in your tech stack. With all your tools referencing the same data, you can create seamless customer experiences across messages, ads, and more.

Why should I use a CDP?

Data management is a headache that keeps you away from solving problems for your customers. Picture this common situation: your company relies on data from Salesforce, Snowflake, and your own app to drive your automated emails and your analytics. The problem? Each platform handles data in its own inconsistent way. Salesforce requires a complicated set of API calls, Snowflake requires regular warehouse queries, and your app generates a set of event calls. Before customer data platforms (CDPs) entered the market, companies had to build custom integrations every time they connected a new tool. CDPs eliminate that engineering effort, allowing you to gather data once and send it anywhere with just a few clicks.

We think every company could benefit from a CDP. Unfortunately, most CDPs have become prohibitively expensive with opaque terms, so we decided to build Data Pipelines in the way we’d expect to pay: with predictable pricing based on your data volume.

But, why use Data Pipelines as my CDP?

Data Pipelines has the speed and reliability of CDPs ten times its age with straightforward pricing based on how much data you send. We used our decade of experience honing data-routing technology to create a new architecture that’s both powerful and efficient. Combining that with the significant enhancements we’ve made during early access, we can’t wait to see what you do with it. 

The CDP that adapts to your existing infrastructure

Each business has unique data sources and storage preferences. That’s why we built Data Pipelines to work with how your company collects, stores, and manages data. This means our platform seamlessly integrates with prominent databases and data warehouse destinations, including Google BigQuery, Postgres, and Snowflake. By aligning with your existing infrastructure, Data Pipelines allows you to centralize and unify your data effectively, ensuring it’s up-to-date and in the right place.

The CDP that connects data with the tools you use

We increased from 30 to 65 sources and destinations, and are quickly adding more based on what our customers are asking for. Now, you can seamlessly integrate with popular platforms such as Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, and Google Sheets. 

“It took a skilled engineer months to connect data to our old (and expensive) CDP provider. Even syncing with Meta and Amplitude required many support emails. Data Pipelines solves this in a few clicks without any additional costs.”

– Renan Serrano, Founder of

Renan Serrano, Founder of

The CDP that supports enterprise scale and performance

We recognize that your business generates massive amounts of data, and have gone to great lengths to ensure Data Pipelines can handle it all. We processed billions of API calls to Data Pipelines during early access, validating its ability to deliver enterprise-level performance. 

The CDP that you can use for free through the end of 2023

Every business deserves access to a CDP, so we are offering a limited-time promotion for Data Pipelines that makes giving it a try a no-brainer. Sign up for Data Pipelines by September 30, 2023, and receive unlimited API calls through the end of the year. 

By taking advantage of this promotion, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Test Data Pipelines in your environment without incurring additional costs. Experiment with its capabilities and fine-tune your data-driven strategies with confidence.
  • Migrate CDPs without paying for two products simultaneously. If you are currently using another solution, you can try Data Pipelines and transition with us picking up the tab.
  • Accurately estimate future costs. CDP prices are often hard to predict. Based on our analysis, we expect customers to save anywhere from 20-80% than what is currently on the market. Take your time implementing Data Pipelines to know exactly how much it will cost (view our pricing here). If you like what you see, rest easy knowing your 2024 budget is locked in.

Try Data Pipelines today

Visit our Data Pipelines landing page to learn more and get started. Join the ever-growing community of businesses fueling their growth by delivering exceptional customer experiences.