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Data Pipelines

Get your real-time data to where you need it

Connect first-party data to every tool in your tech stack with Data Pipelines, a customer data platform (CDP), so you can focus on what matters most—building relationships with your customers.

Get started for free

With 1 million API calls free each month, Data Pipelines gives everyone access to a customer data platform.

Built to scale

From early-stage startups to public companies, Data Pipelines is architected to meet your needs.

Compliance made easy

Ensure that all your security standards like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA are being met

Unify your customer data

Consolidate touch points from any source, including your data warehouse, for a complete view of your customer.

Keep it accurate and up-to-date

Improve engagement and decision-making with consistent data across the tools you rely on most—Adobe, Mixpanel, TikTok, Snowflake, Google Analytics, and more.

Turn insights into action

Pair Data Pipelines with Journeys to build unique personalized interactions across mobile and web, using channels like push, email, in-app, and SMS.