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Where in the US is John B?

For Outer Banks fans, we’re not talking about that John B but rather’s very own John B, Controller by day and RV-lifer, well, all the time. 

John joined the company almost four years ago and decided to take to the road soon after. His travel companions include his wife Yvonne, dog Clancy, and friends and co-workers they meet along the way.

John answered a few of our burning questions about what it’s like to live and work from an RV. 

John B and his dog Clancy

“The best part of RV life is seeing so many wonderful places around the US, and seeing friends, family, and co-workers who we possibly would never have had the opportunity to visit outside of this lifestyle.”

When did you start working from your RV?

Traveling and living in an RV had never even crossed our minds until I started working for in January 2018. We started toying with the idea, and before we knew it, we had purchased the truck and trailer and set a start date of June 1, 2018, to be full-time on the road.

Why did you choose RV life?

In 2017 we sold our home in Florida and moved to Nashville, intending to stay there. When I started working for six months later, we realized we could live anywhere we wanted. We are not sure where the idea came from, but we love to travel and camp, so when combined with the flexibility provided by my new job, it just seemed to make sense.

What’s the best part of living and working in an RV?

Being able to see so many wonderful places around the US and seeing friends, family, and co-workers who we possibly would never have had the opportunity to visit outside of this lifestyle.

What’s been the biggest challenges you’ve faced working from an RV?

Finding adequate workspace is tricky in an RV. We sacrificed our dining table to put a desk in its place. It is not ideal, but I have had to adjust from my previous home office. Finding a good internet connection is always a concern. I have a primary and a backup hotspot, but sometimes the signals are still weak. We have to plan our stays in places not too far off the beaten path.

What have been your favorite places you visited?

  • My personal favorites were Arches, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Parks in Utah. 
  • Yvonne’s favorites are Glacier National Park in Montana, Dead Horse Canyon State Park in Utah, and Harris Beach State Park in Brookings, Oregon.
  • Other highlights include Quebec City in Canada, White Sands National Park in New Mexico, the Luray Caverns in Virginia, and Yellowstone / The Grand Teton National Parks.
John's RV in Montana
John’s RV in Montana

Who from the team have you visited on your travels?

We recently visited Zack N (former Account Executive) in Tennessee and Aaron R (Technical Support Engineer) in South Carolina. A couple of years back, traveling through Portland, Oregon, I spent time in the (former) Portland office where I saw Colin, John A, Sonja, Bill, Joe, and others. With the team growing and expanding, I look forward to more opportunities to connect with fellow Amis around the US.

How has helped enable you to travel from an RV?

  • The flexibility to both work remotely and in different time zones.
  • The support and encouragement from leadership and co-workers.
  • The generous PTO benefit allows us to work, travel, and explore.
  • The assurance that we have excellent health benefits wherever we go.

What are some future places you want to visit? 

Our 2022 plans include the Grand Canyon, Craters of the Moon National Monument, San Luis Obispo, and the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Do you see yourself staying on the road?

We go back and forth on this, but we are still undecided as of today. We are definitely on the road for 2022, but beyond that is still to be determined. A likely scenario is that we will buy another home in 2023 but continue to RV at least part-time for several more years.

What are some tips for someone wanting to start their RV journey?

  • Do your homework! For some, keeping it simple yet spontaneous is the best way to enjoy this life. We spent countless hours researching (books, YouTube, blogs/forums) types of RV’s, places to stay, equipment needed, etc. 
  • Test the waters. Borrow or rent an RV or even a few different types to see how you like it short-term before committing to anything full-time. 
  • Don’t try to do too much at once. Our first six months nearly burnt us out as we tried to travel too far and see too many places in a short period of time. Now our pace is more relaxed, and we find ourselves enjoying things more.

You can follow along with John’s RV adventures on Instagram, and while you’re at it, follow to stay up to date on all things #lifeatcustomerio!

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