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Fairer Pricing

Fairer Pricing

February 19, 2014

We recently rolled out updated pricing plans for

Transparent prices for 1 to > 40 million people

Our publicly listed prices used to end at 300,000 people stored in our system. Our scale now has a path all the way to 40 million. These are our best prices for the service and you can have confidence that going forward, everyone signing up will get the same deal.

Many plans are now more affordable.

We also doubled the free tier to 200 people so you can test with more people in the system before picking a paid plan.

Our entry level plan of 5000 people was reduced from $75 to $50 per month.

Email sending at our cost or free.

We no longer offer unlimited email sending. This put us at odds with your interests if you were a customer who sent a lot of emails. We would sometimes lose money with high volume accounts.

If you run your own email servers or use your own account with a third party, we won’t charge you overages for your email volume. You can send 10 emails or 10 million emails through us and we’ll just charge you for the people you store in the system.

If you want to us to send for you, each tier includes email credits for 2x the number of people each month. After that we charge you for emails at our cost which is currently $0.12 per thousand.

Thanks for being our customer. If you have any other questions about this pricing change, please reach out to us at:

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Colin Nederkoorn