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7 Ways to Get Value From Fast

Ready to find out how you can achieve personalized, data-driven messaging at scale with We’re ready to help! 

Your 14-day free trial is the perfect time to put the platform through its paces and discover all the possibilities. This curated selection of how-tos will help you get immediate value from’s capabilities. Each offers quick wins (and optional deeper dives) with clear instructions and real-world examples. So dive in to make the most of your first two weeks with!

1. How to Build an Abandoned Cart Campaign in 5 Steps

Convert stalled leads with this simple, effective campaign. It’s a powerful building block you can use again and again to keep leads moving through the funnel.

2. How to Enrich Your Emails with Third-Party API Data

Create personalized messages at scale with data from third-party API. This guide shows you how with a hands-on example using Weather API.

3. How to Automatically Identify a Customer’s Preferred Messaging Channel in

Increase engagement by connecting with customers in the channels they like best. With’s flexible segmentation engine, you can align preference indicators for email, SMS, push, and in-app messages.

4. How to Create an “Add to Calendar” Link for Your Emails

Boost event attendance by including add-to-calendar links in your confirmation emails, and automate them with a data campaign that uses webhooks. 

5. Easy Date Formatting With Liquid

Drive conversion and build loyalty by dynamically adding personalized dates to your messages. Ideal for renewal reminders, action alerts, milestone celebrations, and birthday promotions. 

6. Email-Ready Video Thumbnails: 3 Steps, 30 Seconds

Add the compelling feel of video to your emails without the headache of email clients that break your messages — no graphic design software required. 

7. Mailto Links: 3 Simple Steps to Easier Engagement

Get your customers’ messages to the right team instantly with mailto links.’s no-code mailto link generator makes two-way engagement easy.

Uber-personalized messages. Powerful segmentation. Easy integrations. We’ve packed our platform with the tools you need to harness the power of your data at scale, and we’re so excited for you to discover what it can do for you. If you need support, head on over to our Community Forum!

Here’s one more bonus: Check out 8 Tips To Successfully Set Up an Account to start strong with your trial.