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Retention Recipes:

How Musora reduced subscriber churn by 3%

Churn can either make or break any subscription business. Even a small increase in subscriber retention can result in big-time revenue gains.

Tune into this event for a look at how Musora Media built a personalized re-engagement campaign that decreased subscriber churn by 3%, across their 4 music learning apps.

You’ll learn about:

  • Data Tracking Tips – customer attributes and behaviors you should be tracking if you care about retention
  • Personalization at Scale – simple but powerful ways to align messaging to customer needs
  • Behavior-Based Campaign Strategies – building messaging campaigns and content that adapt based on key user behaviors

Watch Now:

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Featured Company: Musora Media is the creator of the drumeo, pianote, guitareo, and singeo, music learning apps. Their products help their community of 2m+ music learners grow their skills with organized lessons, expert coaching, and student-centered communities.
Randy Epp, Musora

Randy Epp

Product Director

Cody Stover,

Cody Stover

Senior Manager, Market Development