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Get a first look at Data Pipelines

Watch clips from our product showcase for look at how your team can use Data Pipelines to integrate new and existing tools faster, improve data accuracy, and pair with our Journeys product to build more personalized customer experiences.

Why did build Data Pipelines?

Data management can be a headache, and for years we’ve been adding data-focused features like Reverse ETL and Mixpanel/Amplitude integrations to our cross-channel messaging product (now called Journeys). Introducing the next step — Data Pipelines (CDP), which connects your customer data to every product in your tech stack.

Getting Started: Sources & Destinations

The average company has 130 different software applications, each gathering data that needs to be integrated and routed. See how Data Pipelines can empower your team to integrate data from all your Sources, and route it to every important Destination.


You have powerful tools in your tech stack, but their data models don’t mesh well. See how Data Pipelines improves data quality by ensuring your data structure fits the requirements for each of your destinations.

Compliance & Suppression

Ensure that your data complies with GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA standards (Premium Plans). Choose which data goes where (and which does not) and quickly suppress information as needed.

Resend historical data and migrate from other CDPs

Teams often feel “stuck” with subpar tools, becaues they can’t justify the time and expense it would require to migrate and onboard new tech. See how Data Pipelines empowers you to backfill historical data and migrate from other popular CDPs without draining your engineering resources.


Simplify the identification of errors and de-bug issues more quickly with a detailed records of events.

Data Pipelines + Journeys – the benefits of having both tools in one platform

Explore how Data Pipelines and Journeys work in tandem to power more personalized customer experiences.

Why should you pick Data Pipelines? – cost, scale, and support

Learn how Data Pipelines could be 20% to 90% cheaper than other CDPs, why having consolidated support is advantageous, and how the platform is ready to scale with you.

Get started for free

With 1 million API calls free each month, CDP gives everyone access to a customer data platform.

Built to scale

From early-stage startups to public companies, CDP is architected to meet your needs.

Compliance made easy

Ensure that all your security standards like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA are being met

1-minute application to get early access