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Navigating 2024:
Fireside Chat on Lifecycle Marketing Trends

Watch our new series, ‘Legends of Lifecycle,’ where industry legends gather for fireside chats to share insights, expert tips, and strategic perspectives.

Hosted by Parcel’s Product Marketing Manager Naomi West, this engaging session dives into the trends shaping lifecycle marketing in 2024 and explores the challenges that lifecycle marketing can effectively solve.

You’ll hear:

  • Tactics for using messaging personalization in a way that drives ROI
  • Omnichannel strategy—the best ways to incorporate channels like SMS, push, and in-app on top of your email strategy
  • Future-focused strategies: Discover key trends influencing the landscape of lifecycle marketing in 2024

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Featured Guests
Hillary Miller, Whimsical

Naomi West

Product Marketing Manager 

Wendy Zhang, Senior Program Manager, Lifecycle, Goody

Wendy Zhang

Senior Program Manager, Lifecycle Marketing