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Messaging Workshop

Send Time Optimization

When is the highest-converting time to send a message?

Humans are creatures of habit, and your engagement strategy needs to match each person’s individual behaviors and routines. But, how can do you do this at scale?

Join this workshop and learn how you can build a system to send messages at the moment when each user is most likely to engage & convert.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify high intent moments – use behavioral data in your marketing automation platform to programmatically learn your users’ engagement and buying habits
  • Trigger campaigns at the perfect time – Increase activation and conversions by sending perfectly timed email, SMS, and push campaigns
  • Get industry-leading inspiration – see examples of how other top brands optimize their send times

Watch On-Demand:

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Featured Guests

Nuno Sousa,

Nuno Sousa

Developer Enablement Engineer

Former FinTech VP of Engineering & Messaging Automation Specialist

Cody Stover,

Cody Stover

Senior Manager, Marketing Development