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Live Build:Creating Data-Driven Campaigns for Two-Sided Marketplace Companies

When data and messaging are siloe’d, neither your customer nor your internal teams see the full picture.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from our very own Customer Success Team Lead, Rachel Cobb, and Sales Manager, Kendall Gibson, during this live campaign build highlighting how marketplace companies are using to build and consolidate all of their data-driven messaging campaigns in one platform.

The result? More alignment in your team’s messaging campaigns, and more relevant, personalized messaging experiences for each customer group. 

What you’ll take away:

  • How-To: Create more cohesive customer experiences 
  • Data Impacts: Consolidating your B2B & B2C data and messaging, as well as marketing, product-triggered, and transactional campaigns into one platform
  • Decoupling Marketing from Engineering: how empowers marketers to use data to build segments and campaigns, without code

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Rachel Cobb,

Special Guest: Rachel Cobb

Customer Success Team Lead

Kendall Gibson,

Host: Kendall Gibson

Sales Manager