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Lifecycle Marketing for Fintech Growth

In a world of fluctuating interest rates and shifting investment markets, consumers are taking extra care in choosing who they trust to manage and grow their money.

Tune in to this discussion with Lukas Baar, growth marketer at on how his team is using cross-channel campaigns to educate, activate, and retain their customers.

What You’ll Take Away:

  • Onboarding & Activation – strategies for guiding customers through important KYC verification steps and common drop-off points in the early funnel
  • Increasing Adoption and LTV – tactics to educate customers and increase their usage, and nudge customers toward upgrades
  • Retention – approaches to identify churn-risk behaviors, and tips to win-back inactive users
  • Cross-channel messaging – ways to leverage email and push notifications in harmony

Watch Now:

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Featured Guest:

Lukas Baar
Growth Marketing Manager