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How RushOrderTees Fuels Success With’s Flexibility

RushOrderTees can print your design on just about anything, fast. They provide a huge range of custom apparel, accessories, and more for individuals and organizations of all sizes, including Race for the Cure, Black Lives Matter, and the Philadelphia 76ers. And they’re famous for exceptional customer service; just ask the tens of thousands of customers who’ve given them five-star reviews! 

To keep pace with their customers’ needs, RushOrderTees needs a marketing platform that matches their speed, flexibility, and innovative spirit. Today, with in their tech stack, “you can’t do that” is a thing of the past.

“One of’s biggest values for us is its overall versatility. The variety of data the platform can digest and send back to us in a readable manner… there aren’t many other mailing platforms that can do that.”

Naj Taylor, Sr. Email Marketing Specialist

Just a few of the results they’ve achieved by leveraging’s features:

  • 48-hour reduction in high-volume and rush order processing 
  • A streamlined order-confirmation campaign 
  • Consolidation of 99% of their email into a single platform

Efficiency driver: Data campaigns

When customers need high-volume or super-fast orders, every hour counts. The communication flow among various teams and suppliers to fulfill these orders is quite complex, so RushOrderTees needs to streamline as much as possible. Their old method was working well, but they weren’t satisfied with just good-enough.

By leveraging data campaigns within, they gained much finer control over how they communicated with customers, suppliers, and various internal teams during the ordering and fulfillment process. With other marketing platforms, every piece of data and every message sent had to be connected to an individual person’s profile. But that didn’t match RushOrderTees’ business process. data campaigns can be triggered by anything that happens, unconnected from a person’s profile, which was exactly what RushOrderTees needed. With a data campaign triggered by orders, not users, they increased efficiency to 99% and shortened the production and delivery process by two days. That’s practically a lifetime for a brand with fast, free delivery as a key differentiator.

Complexity manager: Workflow builder

Order confirmations are a serious challenge, especially for a business that puts images on almost anything. For example, can you modify an order in process? Do you need to approve your artwork? How much turnaround time will the order require? Without a powerful data-driven campaign builder, it was a real headache. 

With’s visual workflow builder, RushOrderTees built a single order confirmation campaign that boasts 18 emails and 15 logic splits, all running on autopilot. It’s an impressively intricate use of the workflow builder that ensures every customer gets exactly what they need, no matter how complicated their order. The benefits are clear: fewer support requests and a bump in the percentage of return customers.

Email simplifier: Data integrations

When RushOrderTees started using, their email was split among four different platforms. They had to manage lists, unsubscribes, and more in multiple locations. And because their teams were using different tools, they lacked visibility into one another’s work. 

Today, they use to handle 99% of their email, ingesting data from other parts of their tech stack via webhooks and automation features like events. Between our 150+ integrations with common systems and our API for all the rest, RushOrderTees can easily pull in data from any place to keep all their teams on the same page, plus manage lists and manipulate data in one convenient location.

“ is great for power users who need ultimate flexibility. We can do almost anything if you give us the tools. never limits us.”

Matt Hayes, Email Marketing Manager

They also used integrations to improve their overall deliverability. Now when an order ships, RushOrderTees brings that data into to trigger shipping update campaigns from the platform. Customers can click through to track their order status right on the RushOrderTees website instead of going to the carrier’s website. Keeping that traffic on their site provides a much improved customer experience while also improving their domain reputation.

Gearing up for future innovation

With RushOrderTees’ never-stop-improving approach, it’s no surprise that they’ve achieved a 99.7% customer satisfaction rating with over 500,000 customers nationwide. And they keep pushing the envelope, jumping on new features to iterate and improve. In our next post, check out how they leveraged the new event conversions feature to give one campaign a 140% revenue and transactions boost. It’s just one of the many ways they’re making the most out of every aspect of the platform.

“ gives us the flexibility to give our customers what they want. We can always communicate in the way we want to, at the time we need to.”

Matt Hayes, Email Marketing Manager