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Welcoming Gist to has acquired Gist, an in-app messaging solution that lets you display embedded experiences such as welcome messages, feature announcements, and carousels within mobile and web apps. 

In our research about building in-app messaging functionality, we learned our customers want them to be:

  • Consistent and reusable across mobile and web.
  • Easy to design to meet brand guidelines, so the notifications match your app.
  • In workflows alongside emails, push notifications, SMS, and webhooks. 

Gist was designed the way would build in-app messaging.

When we first learned about Gist, we saw a standard of quality and craft that’s rare in early companies. We saw mutual customers already leveraging the product alongside’s segmentation to target in-app messages. While there’s still more integration work to do, we’re thrilled to be able to accelerate how quickly we’ll bring you in-app messaging functionality. 

Our philosophy at has always centered around giving you options via a flexible API, which hundreds of customers already use to trigger in-app notifications via webhooks. With this acquisition, you’ll continue to benefit from the flexibility our webhooks offer, and also now have the option to send mobile and web in-app messages natively within

Gist founder Bernard Gatt shares on the acquisition, “It’s a perfect fit. The first product integration guide I wrote back in 2020 was for Even back then it was obvious that both products complement each other very well.”

We’re currently running a closed beta for in-app messages and are working towards an open beta targeted for the end of Q3. If you’d like to be part of the early test group and help drive the direction we take, we’d love your input. Reach out to to join the closed beta.

We can’t wait to see how you use this,

Colin Nederkoorn