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TryHackMe’s 10% Monthly Revenue Growth

TryHackMe is an independent online learning platform started in November 2018 that is training over ½ a million people on cybersecurity. Their focus is on product development and teaching people everything from the fundamentals to complex topics so they can secure careers in cybersecurity. 

When TryHackMe first joined, they had 60,000 members. With the help of’s platform, they’ve been growing 10% month over month! In fact, in the 6 months prior to this interview in Summer 2021, TryHackMe has received over 250,000 new sign-ups. 

TryHackMe’s Goals

TryHackMe came to wanting to send better-targeted emails to their users based on their experience levels. Before, they were discerning on who they were blasting emails to in their database, and they wanted to take a more personalized and segmented approach to messaging to increase their revenue. Their idea when they first came to was to do this by configuring automatic campaigns to convert more TryHackMe users on their freemium model into paying subscribers. 

TryHackMe tried out a few other email service providers such as Mailchimp, Optiverse, and Hubspot but ultimately decided to go with for our ease of implementation, complex workflow capabilities, and messaging expertise. 


With’s one-click integration with Segment, TryHackMe’s customer data platform, we make implementation a breeze, which is an important gateway for scrappy startups who may not have the dedicated resource or time to configure their data. 

“Mailchimp was so difficult to integrate and required so much manual work. The implementation was so easy with, the automatic setup and integration. With a click of a button, we were able to immediately start sending campaigns to our users. Plus they didn’t have the workflows does.”

Ben Spring, Co-Founder of TryHackMe

The plight of being a fast-moving start-up means that you really have to do just that…move fast. With limited dedicated resources and time, a speedy but accurate configuration is really important. Once configured, speed in execution is also important.  

Scalability with Workflows

“In terms of scalability, we’ve seen explosive growth and has scaled with us. We’ve had no bottlenecks because your product and your team supports us.”

Ben Spring, Co-Founder of TryHackMe

Since starting with, TryHackMe has been able to achieve a 13.7% conversion on their campaigns aimed at acquiring paying subscribers. With over 250,000 people in this cadence, this is a huge return on investment.

“The appeal of is that it makes our lives so much easier. We were using a ton of different tools before and now with, we don’t have to spend hours configuring different emails. We can drag and drop, easily make campaigns, and all of our emails live in one centralized place where we can have anyone on our team access and configure campaigns and broadcasts.” 

Ben Spring, Co-Founder of TryHackMe

One way TryHackMe has been able to grow using was to start getting more granular with their broadcasts, which is a huge part of their messaging strategy that they weren’t able to do with Mailchimp. With, they are now able to segment users based on their experience and behavior to send them people personalized messages.


An integral part of TryHackMe’s experience with has been leveraging our messaging experts to help their organization sculpt the perfect messaging strategy.

“Your team has been really insightful in teaching us how to scale and grow our messaging strategy, especially with A/B testing and equipping us with the right techniques to grow our revenue”

Ben Spring, Co-Founder of TryHackMe

At the time of this study, TryHackMe had just started running an A/B test on 2 campaigns where they want to track how a user is performing after they’ve gone down the cadence. Within 1 week, they’ve already seen a 2% increase, which is huge when you’re considering ¼ million people are in the cadence. All these little percentage bumps make a huge impact on revenue. 


It can be tricky to find the right messaging platform for now and for the future. With’s touch of a button migration process, TryHackMe was able to get up and running immediately and start scaling. With any members of their team being able to go into making growth such as 10% month-over-month revenue growth possible.