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Starting My Dream Job at

Before Covid, I never considered working anywhere but in an office. Post-Covid, I realized there are many benefits to working remotely, including giving me more time to spend with my family,

Being from India, I was concerned it would not be easy to find a remote job with a global company. I was happy to discover that has everything I desire, including a well-connected team. From my first initial interviews with Russell, an Engineering Manager, and Natalie Leon, the Technical Recruiter; I felt that they were so happy and proud of their work and what they do as a team. 

I enjoy writing poetry in my free time. I thought this would be a good way to express my onboarding experience and what I have already learned about this great company.

“My Poetic Experience Joining”

What once was like a dream, turned true when I had an offer from 
With happy tears in my eyes, I told myself, how can I ever say no.
One fine day, the bell rang, and it was a surprise for me.
The box had the latest MacBook and accessories.
Another good day, the bell rang with another surprise at the door.			
SwagUp goodies and an Oculus—I excitedly opened everything on the floor.
Then it was the day of joining the team, 
which was no longer a dream.
Everyone there is so happy and helpful.
Felt like God gifted my professional life a jewel.
But what about the feeling of missing out on an office.
I learned I could make my own space without worrying about my pocket.
I could also opt for a co-working space. 
I could work at my own pace.				
Time zone difference was another concern. 
"We respect it," they told me in return.
I smiled while setting my working hours.
It felt then like I had superpowers.
'Over-working is not encouraged,' said one of the docs. 
It was a surprising, delightful shock.
Here I realized that falling sick is alright,
and I can work in the dark or sunny bright.
Other good things here—motivation, inspiration, and appreciation.
It makes a person strong in any situation.
I thank God again and again.
Hard work never goes in vain.
I wish to see grow in a positive trend.
I wish my journey never ends.
I wish my journey never ends.
Aman Kaur

Aman joined in 2021 as a Software Engineer on our Mobile Squad. She lives in New Delhi, India with her husband and in-laws. 

“I recently accepted that I have a superwoman in me. I might not be Gal Gadot, but I am me, Amandeep Kaur, and I want to keep that confidence. Every woman is a superwoman, and it just takes some time to find oneself.”

A Note From

The pandemic changed the traditional concept of working in an office. Many companies have realized their employees do not need to work in a physical office environment every day. pioneered this idea in 2013 when we chose a remote-first culture; Aman’s poem speaks to some aspects of this.

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