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Legends of Lifecycle Webinar

Unlocking Notion’s lifecycle marketing playbook

Dive into the heart of Notion’s marketing playbook with a down-to-earth fireside chat featuring Jon Brenner, Notion’s Head of Lifecycle Marketing.

In this session, gain insights into how Notion leverages lifecycle marketing to fuel intentional & rapid growth.

What you’ll take away:

  • Meeting Users Where They Are: Discover how Notion drives growth and educates users by delivering timely, relevant communications through synchronized email and in-product experiences.
  • Modern Marketing Partners: Explore how Notion maximizes, Scalero, and Census to supercharge their lifecycle marketing strategies.
  • Harnessing Customer Data: Learn how Notion leverages first-party customer data to personalize and optimize marketing campaigns.

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Hillary Miller, Whimsical

Jon Brenner

Head of Lifecycle Marketing
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Jason Moreau, Air.Inc

Will Pearson


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Hillary Miller, Whimsical

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