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5 Keys to better FinTech KYC and onboarding campaigns

Each step in the know-your-customer (KYC) and onboarding process represents a friction point where you risk losing potential customers. 

This guide will help you build thoughtful, behavior-based campaigns that land customers right where you want them: fully registered, onboarded, and finding value in your product.

Get the guide is trusted by 7,500+ businesses to ensure that their best campaigns deliver results.
  • “ is powerful for in-depth programmatic campaigns yet easy enough for anyone within our business to use.”
    Alex Mueller, VP of Growth, Airbank
  • “Recently, I created a segment for people who had asked for a feature we were launching. Those emails perform really well because people know that we’re paying attention to what they’ve asked for. With, it’s really easy and saves me a lot of time.”
    Heloisa Assis, Marketing Manager,
  • “ has enabled us to do very quick behavioral experiments with our customers instead of implementing a full functionality on the product. It’s been able to help us understand our customers a lot more through A/B Tests.”
    Jorge Alonsi, Marketing Manager, Spotahome