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Introducing Campaign Journeys

**This feature is available for accounts on the new Google Cloud infrastructure.*

The goal of is to help you send more relevant messages and build better relationships with your customers. So it’s crucial for you to be able to check out how your campaigns are running for individuals and make sure they’re flowing through as planned.

We’ve been hard at work on a big feature which aims to give you visibility into how your campaigns are working, step by step, for each individual user.

Previously, if users received messages in an unexpected way or left a campaign, it
wasn’t easy to understand why. There was no way to see when the next actions in a campaign
were going to happen for a particular user.

Not anymore! Enter Journeys:

This new feature will provide you details like:

  • Where is the user now in this campaign?
  • Where have they been? What messages have they received?
  • Which messages and actions have they skipped, and why?
  • What’s going to happen next?

Viewing Individual People Journeys

To see Journey progress for any given user, you can head over to their profile and click the Journeys tab:

Once there, you can see all of that particular user’s campaign journeys, completed and in progress:

Journeys Overview page
An individual user’s Journeys overview

This overview tab will show you:

  • All the event and segment triggered campaigns a user is part of, and when they first matched
  • What’s up next and when
  • Their status in those campaigns (active or finished)

Viewing a Specific Campaign Journey

From the Journeys tab in the profile, you can click any of the individual campaigns to see that user’s journey through it.

You can also access a single journey from a campaign workflow. For example, you can click on a user waiting in a delay:

Users waiting in a delay
Clicking on individual users in a delay will bring you to their Journey

If you click any user, we go to their Journey for that campaign:

Single Journey
Wile E. Coyote’s journey through the [Onboarding] Series 1 campaign

You can see the state of the journey (“Active” in the above screenshot). On the right side is campaign information, where you’ll see the campaign’s triggers, filters, and conversion goal.

The main journey display is made up of rows. Each row is a step in your campaign’s workflow.

A single journey row
This row shows that the Hello, world! email was drafted at 10:14 a.m. for this user

From left to right, each row shows:

  • When that action occurred
  • Whether a user passed through a particular step (a checkmark), or if they skipped it (a roundabout)
  • What exactly happened— if an email was sent or drafted, for example
  • If the action was skipped, we state the reason for the skip— maybe they didn’t meet the action conditions
  • A link to the action (when applicable)

Current state is bolded, while future actions are shown in a lighter tone:

Current and future
Wile E. Coyote is currently waiting for a time window; after that, an email will draft

For each future action, we show when we expect it to happen.

If an action is skipped or a user’s journey is affected by changes to the campaign, we’ll show that, too.

Here, there were a few changes made which impacted a user’s wait in a delay. They were supposed to wait ten minutes but in the end, they waited for two.

And that’s it!

This is what a completed journey looks like:

And something a little more complex, involving A/B tests and some extra explanations:

# Bonus: Delivery page

If you were to visit any individual message page, you can now also see Journey information associated with it:

Want to help?

This is just the first step of surfacing more information about your campaigns and how users move through them. We want to make Journeys even better, and if you have feedback, send us a note to let us know! (Again, this feature is only available for accounts on the new Google Cloud infrastructure.)

Questions, feedback, or need a hand? We’re here for you at!