Before You Choose a Transactional Email Service, Read This

by Shayla Price

Email marketing is a rich source for delivering customer value.

That’s why, you deserve a transactional email service that offers your team the flexibility to trigger important messages based on your customers’ behaviors. (No more delayed order confirmation emails.)

You also don’t want to deal with complicated A/B testing or reporting systems. An email platform that can test your subject lines and track your conversion goals would make your job easier.

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What Not to Do: When Transactional Email Marketing Turns Too Promotional

Fieldboom logo This is a guest post from the team at Fieldboom. Read more on the Fieldboom blog.

Marketers continue to look for ways to promote their brands.

You want to show off your latest products, exhibit your upgraded services, and inform consumers of your company’s value.

While sometimes your audience will welcome your promotional campaigns with open arms, there are times when the content doesn’t fit the original intent of your email campaigns.

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