Pricing That Scales as You Do

Pay on your schedule
  • Basic

    $150 per month base

    Basic includes everything you need to start sending messages to your customers.

    • Send Unlimited Emails
    • Send SMS, Push, Webhook
    • Technical Support

    $995 per month base

    Premium adds a customer success manager, deliverability control + all basic features.

    • Customer Success Manager
    • Dedicated IPs
    • Premium Technical Support

    Estimate Your Basic Plan Costs

    For 0 to 12,000 profiles, you would pay $150 per month

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many messages are included with Basic?

    On our basic plan, we have a fair use policy of up to 1 million messages per month. This should make it effectively unlimited for 99.9% of customers.

    Does own the data I put into the system?

    Nope! Your data stays your data. You're letting us use it in order to deliver a service to you. Please read our privacy policy for more info.

    Do you accept payment by check or wire transfer?

    Yes. Paying by check or wire transfer is possible with a premium plan.

    How quickly can I start using my account?

    If you sign up today, you can start integrating and adding to immediately. To help combat spam and fraud, we manually review each account before any outbound messages can be sent. That helps maintain our reputation and protects all of our customers.

    How do you calculate my bill?

    We charge you based on the maximum number of uniquely identified users (profiles) in your account during the month. Each month on the anniversary of your subscription, we will charge the credit card on file.