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Data warehouse sync

Data Warehouse Sync

Directly load data into your data warehouse without additional tools or expense.

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Directly Connect to Your Warehouse.

Automatically replicate your data into your data warehouse without the added cost and security considerations of third-party ETL tools.

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Easy Setup and Zero Maintenance.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll see a new dataset appear in your warehouse loaded with tables representing your users and their actions.

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Fresh Tables, Never Frozen.

We’ll never charge you more to refresh your data faster. Instead we’ll update your warehouse every 15 minutes or 100,000 events – whatever happens first.


Get Connected To Company Reporting.

Give your data team the ability to join and query raw campaign performance data as well as the historic or current user records from your workspaces.

Supported Warehouses & Storage

We connect to industry-leading cloud storage services.
AWS Redshift

Google BigQuery

Google Cloud Storage


Azure Blob Storage

Tables Loaded

Begin querying the following tables in near real-time.
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    Attribute Updates

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“A big time-saver. Now our product and marketing data is in one place without a single developer lifting a finger.”

– Senior Data Analyst at Billie

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