Data Warehouse

Keep all your data in sync

Whether your data warehouse is the cornerstone of your customer data strategy or an integral part of your tech stack, Data Pipelines ensures seamless synchronization, regardless of architecture choice.

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Data Warehouse
Data In

Native reverse ETL 

Extract, transform, and load your warehouse data—people, objects, and relationships—directly into your workspace or any other supported third-party destination.

Templated queries

Use our SQL template and checklist to query the right warehouse data for your destination.

Customizable synchronization preferences

Sync data as often as every minute, ensuring your destinations have the most recent warehouse data.

Auditable source calls

Explore how your rows map to source calls, providing confidence that your data was sent to its destination as intended.

Data warehouse sync
Data Out

Data warehouse sync 

Send data on messages, people, metrics, and more from, or any other supported third-party source, to your preferred data warehouse or cloud storage destination.

  • Connect in a few clicks: Simply select your data warehouse or cloud storage destination in the destinations menu and follow the set up steps to connect a source and map data fields—no need for complex third-party ETL tools.

  • Continuously updated tables: We refresh your tables every 15 minutes, guaranteeing your destinations always have the latest data. Because data freshness is crucial.

  • Works with any technology stack: We support industry-leading data warehouses and cloud storage services, ensuring your data gets where it needs to be securely and confidently.


Unlock your data warehouse 

Join thousands of businesses around the globe who use and their data warehouse for better customer engagement.

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We send every single customer profile from our database into Attributes are constantly changing too, so we need a platform that automatically updates people's values whenever they change.

Michelle Ballen-Griffin
Michelle Ballen-GriffinDirector of Data & Analytics
Soundview Communications

What really makes stand out is your focus on data. You make it easy to get the data we need, whether it’s sending it in or getting it out. The cherry on top is we can leverage our data to dynamically personalize our segmentation efforts and messaging.

Marc Messer
Marc MesserDirector of Digital Marketing

Launching has been the easiest launch and experience. With how easy it was to upload data and map to fields, we were able to start sending messages right away.

 Jake Peters
Jake Peters Co-Founder

We know how important data is. Not only that, but to own your own data. That’s why we chose

Daniel Sand
Daniel SandCEO
CMA uniquely offered easy integration with all our systems, reducing the workload on our data architect team.

Sydnie Hickey
Sydnie HickeyEmail Marketing Manager

One of the biggest successes with is being able to have multiple teams use the platform to generate value. Because the UI is so intuitive, anyone can go in and start building complex campaigns.

Jorge Alonso
Jorge AlonsoMarketing Manager

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