You're on your way to email expertise

I'm Colin, the CEO of and it's awesome that you're here today.

You might be a new email marketer, or maybe in a new company where you feel as though you're always in the deep end without enough time to make thoughtful decisions.

You're in the right place. I've taught email best practices to hundreds of people like you at in person classes and thousands more people on this list.

Here's what a couple of those folks have said:

Thanks for the inspiration (at your class) last night - sent our best performing email in MONTHS a few hours later Richard Kershaw,
Everything I learned will absolutely impact our bottom line. I've never attended a more valuable training event that left me feeling so motivated to make changes in the way we market to our customers. Tyler Roehmholdt,

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My goal is to help you become a more confident email marketer who can deliver relevant content to your audience every time.