The WooCommerce integration allows you to connect your WooCommerce subscriber data directly to, a powerful email automation platform. Please read our FAQs below for more details.

What type of email tool is is a email automation platform used by subscription businesses of all types.

Our customers share a common bond, regardless of the industry they serve. They share the desire to communicate with their subscribers in a relevant and authentic manor.

Whether you’re starting with 1 subscriber or 10 million, it makes no difference. Use this platform to create and manage the emails you would like to send as your subscribers proceed through your customer journey.

How does this integration work?

Immediately after connecting your WooCommerce store, we’ll begin feeding your WooCommerce customer list and subscription information into your newly provisioned account.

When you first sign in to your account, you’ll notice, your WooCommerce customers are and their events have already have been synced for you.

This integration will keep your customers and events updated in real-time between your WooCommerce store and account.

Moments after installing, you’ll be able to start segmenting your customers and building email and text message workflows that send personalized emails to your WooCommerce customers.

How do WooCommerce merchants use

When WooCommerce merchants begin using, they generally create the following email automation campaigns:

  • Onboarding. A series of messages sent immediately after a new customer signs up.

  • Selection Needed. A series of email or text messages reminding the subscriber that they need to choose the contents of their next box.

  • Shipping Notification. A series of emails or text messages that alert the customer of their deliveries.

  • Request for Feedback. A series of emails that solicit feedback. This can be sent after every box, once a month, once a year, etc. Choose what makes sense for you.

  • Giftee to Subscriber. Easily segment and message your WooCommerce gift recipients to convert them into active subscribers.

As WooCommerce merchants become more familiar with, they tend to create additional, custom campaigns that engage their active subscribers and reinforces the recurring value of their subscription box.

Overall, WooCommerce merchants use to help reduce churn, improve retention, and increase LTV by building stronger relationships with their subscription customers.

How is different from MailChimp?

Use to send personalized emails to your subscribers, which are triggered by real-time data coming from your WooCommerce store.

Use MailChimp to send basic newsletter blasts to email lists.

How much does cost?

Everyone starts with a free 30-day trial (no credit card required). We then charge a simple monthly rate. No transaction fees.

Our base pricing begins at $150 per month and allows you to send unlimited emails for up to 12,000 subscribers. Additional plans scale up from there with added features and levels of support.

We subbox startups. Please let us know if you only have a few active subscribers and we’ll be able to offer you a lower startup pricing plan before your trial ends.

Where Do I Find My WooCommerce API Keys?

It only takes a few seconds to connect your WooCommerce store to a new account. Add your WooCommerce credentials above and click install.

You can create new API keys in WooCommerce by going to the the settings of your WooCommerce store and navigating to the Advanced > REST API tab. There you can click ‘Add Key’ to create a new key and secret.

Enter a desciption of your choice, and be sure to grant READ/WRITE access to this new API key.