Mixpanel Engage vs. Customer.io

Mixpanel is a popular choice for doing funnel tracking, website and app analytics. In fact it’s a great product to run alongside Customer.io. Mixpanel Engage provides basic emailing capabilities. We’ve heard a lot of feedback from people who have tried the product.

Here’s why our customers told us they picked Customer.io instead of Mixpanel’s Engage feature.

You can use events to send an email in Customer.io

Here’s the big reason we hear over and over again:

In Mixpanel engage, you can’t send an email based on the events you send to Mixpanel.

Mixpanel Engage only allows you to send emails based on customer properties (attributes).

Here’s what Mike B. said:

I looked at numerous other options, including Mixpanel & Intercom. What Customer.io does best is the ability to trigger emails based on events, rather than only on attributes.

This means that in Mixpanel it’s really hard to do things like:

The flexibility of customer.io allows you to be creative. You tell the product what to do, not the other way around.

Emails send within seconds in Customer.io

Mixpanel Engage will send an email within a 30 minute window of someone matching your criteria.

30 minutes is an eternity on the internet.

Customer.io lets you send out emails immediately when something happens. In most cases this is within the first few seconds.

This means you can rely on us to get your email there when you expect it to be there. Why make people wait for 30 minutes if you don’t have to?

You can tie multiple emails together

Try building an autoresponder / lifecycle email campaign in Mixpanel Engage. You’ve got to try to tie together a bunch of disconnected emails. Customer.io makes it painless for you to send a series of emails to a new customer based on how they’ve used your product.

It’s as simple as adding more emails to your campaign.

It’s the same amount of work to integrate both tools.

The goal of this page isn’t to convince you to abandon Mixpanel. The goal is to tell you to use the best tool for each job.

We’re dedicated to making your job sending perfectly timed and targeted emails painless.

Using Segment.io, it’s the same amount of work to send data to both Mixpanel and Customer.io. Our recommendation is to try both.

We’re confident that when you see the how much better we make you at emailing you’ll add Customer.io alongside Mixpanel.

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