Fairer Pricing

Colin Nederkoorn
Fairer Pricing February 19, 2014 We recently rolled out updated pricing plans for customer.io. Transparent prices for 1 to > 40 million people Our publicly listed prices used to end at 300,000 people stored in our system. Our scale now has a path all the way to 40 million. These are our best prices for the service an…

Revenue grew 20x in 2013

Colin Nederkoorn
Customer.io financials, and key metrics for 2013

Unscheduled downtime – July 20, 2013

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Join in a reading club to read and review the book Influence by Robert Cialdini

How we’re doing, 1 year in.

Customer.io’s first year in review

How we’re doing – six months in

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Doing business with a new company is a two sided proposition and you should be aware of the risks and rewards. On the plus side, you’ll probably get a personal reply from me, the CEO if you write me an email. We’re building a product to serve you and your needs will have a higher influence over where we’ll ultimately go…

How we built our HTML email editor using liquid, wysihtml5 and premailer

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How we took principles from Jekyll and applied them to our email editor.

Legal, Healthcare, Accounting and Payroll

We’re about 1.5 months in to building Customer.io and we’ve had pain we’ve had to overcome with supporting services. Some we expected. Some we were surprised to find. Here’s how I wish our supporting services were: Healthcare Think Hipmunk for Healthcare You’re able to compare each plan apples to apples. Pick the one w…

4 ways we learned we are building the right thing

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How to find prospective customers and reach out to them to
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