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We moved our headquarters to Portland, Oregon

Colin Nederkoorn
Our costs and process associated with setting up an office in Portland

Last Month In Support – August 2014

Diana gives a run down of what weve experienced in about the last month in support’s Response to Heartbleed

Heartbleed SSL bug was serious. took swift action to fix it.

Clarifying our privacy policy

A customer asked us about how we deal with PII – our docs weren’t clear so we fixed them

Fairer Pricing

Colin Nederkoorn
Fairer Pricing February 19, 2014 We recently rolled out updated pricing plans for Transparent prices for 1 to > 40 million people Our publicly listed prices used to end at 300,000 people stored in our system. Our scale now has a path all the way to 40 million. These are our best prices for the service an…

Revenue grew 20x in 2013

Colin Nederkoorn financials, and key metrics for 2013

Unscheduled downtime – July 20, 2013

Join in a reading club to read and review the book Influence by Robert Cialdini

How we’re doing, 1 year in.

Colin Nederkoorn’s first year in review