How Pairing Powers Remote Teams

Remote team collaboration and communication is challenging. Here’s how we work together through remote pairing and why it’s so valuable to our engineering team.

Here’s what did for you in 2014

A review of 2014 for Revenue, email volume, and how well we helped our customers

Introducing Ami: Our Mascot Journey From Bot to Bird

Jon Quach
Mascots help your company stand out. These are the five tips we learned through the process of designing our startup’s mascot.

The story of’s logo

How one company faked their logo for the first year and then hired a professional designer to do it right

We moved our headquarters to Portland, Oregon

Our costs and process associated with setting up an office in Portland

Last Month In Support – August 2014

Diana gives a run down of what weve experienced in about the last month in support

Why we don’t offer discounts

Non-profit and accelerator discounts aren’t fair for everyone else

What we learned by abandoning the shackles of an office to become a remote company

Lessons learned from hiring remotely, working from anywhere and building a team’s Response to Heartbleed

Heartbleed SSL bug was serious. took swift action to fix it.

Clarifying our privacy policy

A customer asked us about how we deal with PII – our docs weren’t clear so we fixed them
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