Bringing humanity back to customer support

Chase Clemons talks about email support at 37 signals and his site Support Ops

Karma Based Marketing + A crazy day yesterday

How to use Karma based marketing to be more successful in business

How to handle people replying to your marketing emails:

A strategy for funneling replies in to helpdesk software

3 Simple Rules for How to Email Users About a Bug or Outage

Be pro-active and communicate during a crisis to help keep things under control and avoid customer frustration and unhappiness.

How are you different?

Make sure your landing pages and emails are helping prospects understand how you’re different — with your words.

The Surprise Personal Email

An interesting email you could send to connect with and convert new signups to your product

Giving your customers their own support rep

A prospective customer gave us a cool use case yesterday. They said: Every new customer has their own support rep. How can I send emails through so people receive them from their support rep? This company is doing customer support the way we’d love to see all businesses do customer support. Can you imagine…

The dumbest thing has done

Last Thursday we opened’s doors for anyone to sign up. For the unfamiliar, we’re a niche email product targeted at SaaS companies.
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