For Bootstrapped Companies

Raising money from investors doesn’t make you a great company. At, we’ve raised a little, but we’re “fundstrapped”. We recently rolled out a program to support funded startups. We knew we wanted to find a way to support bootstrapped companies with big aspirations too. 

That’s why we’re starting this program. We hope this will be big for bootstrapped companies. We’re starting small first and learning how to make it really valuable for you. 

 At first it’ll be limited to a small number of companies. Our goal is to work closely with companies to learn from them and then scale and help a lot of bootstrapped companies get value from We think is best suited for companies with large user-bases or who are growing quickly. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

Please apply below, and a team member will contact you upon your acceptance into the program.


Bootstrapped Discounts Startup Basic

  • Free for one year (12 months)
  • Up to 12,000 users
  • Limited Technical Support
  • Overages charged at $4.00 per thousand
    users per month ($0.004/ per user)
  • $1,800 Value Startup +Plus

  • $100 per month for one year (12 months)
  • Up to 100,000 users
  • Full Technical Support 
  • 1 Hour Onboarding / Planning call with Customer Success Team
  • Overages charged at $4.00 per thousand users per month ($0.004/ per user)
  • $12,000 Value


  • You should  be a bootstrapped company with no funding. If you’ve raised money, please apply here

  • You should  be utilizing contacts who are and were acquired through your own means (no purchased lists)

  • You should be a new business to 

  • We’ll review each application and applying doesn’t guarantee entry into the program.