Startup Program Application

Thank you for your interest in and the Startup Program. The goal of this program is to give companies access to a first class messaging tool who normally would not be able to utilize it due to funding and budgetary restrictions. Our team’s mission is to help businesses grow utilizing our product and our support.We're passionate about supporting small startups because not too long ago WE were one ourselves.

Companies who apply must meet the following in qualifications to be admitted*:

  •  No more than $2 million dollars in funding (total)
  • Utilizing contacts who are and were acquired through your own means (no purchased lists)
  • Must integrate with (via Segment or API)
  • Must be an active member of at least one of our startup partner organizations 
  • Must not be or have been a Customer of

Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis and applicants will be contacted upon approval only.
Questions can be sent to

*Falsely misrepresenting your eligibility for the startup program set out above may constitute a material breach of the Terms of Service and could result in the termination of your subscription agreement and/or the removal of any discount applied to your purchase. Further, you may be required to repay for any discounts received as a result of falsely misrepresenting your eligibility.