Optimize growth with data-driven behavioral marketing automation.

All without having to touch your code.

Communicating with customers shouldn’t have to rely on engineering release cycles or clunky marketing platforms that you can't customize to your product.

Move fast and communicate things that matter.

Act on your data to generate quality growth, faster.

Growth hacking made easy with dynamic segmentation and automation engine that integrates with your product to power messages and automated workflows that really move the needle.

Create complex drip series, harness event metadata and customer properties, and personalize with Liquid templating. You make the rules for your campaigns—with behavioral, transactional, and newsletter messages, all in one platform.

Optimize conversions and innovate personalized customer communication to deliver the best customer experience—at scale.

Personalize your customer communication like never before.

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Customer.io powers:

Nurture everyone, but 1:1

Automate hyper-personalized campaigns to prompt people through activation, retention, revenue and referral.

Fully customize the customer experience, harnessing your data and the flexibility of Liquid templating.

Experiment for growth

Act on insights you've gained through analytics, and streamline your workflow with automation.

Scale growth by getting nimble and creative with your data and processes.

Optimize conversions

Finetune your campaigns and achieve data-driven growth.

Test, learn, and iterate with A/B testing, conversion-tracking, and email activity webhooks.

"Customer.io lets us personalize our customer communication like nothing we have used before. The combination of their segmenting tools, clean API, and ability to import our own external data is phenomenally good, and has had a huge impact on the quality of the emails we send."
Matt Sornson
Growth Marketer, Clearbit
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"We like Customer.io because it lets us automate all sorts of emails throughout our application without having to mess with application code. Our marketers or product people can go right in and set up a triggered email based on any event that we're tracking. It basically replaces building our own in-app email system for us."
Mattan Griffel
CEO, One Month

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