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SaaS Customer Engagement

Engage At Every Stage Of The Customer Lifecycle

Accelerate growth by aligning your lifecycle messaging with your product experience

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Integrate all your real-time product engagement data

Send in your real-time customer behavioral data via integration with’s API or your CDP. Tap into all the customer attributes, events, and event metadata you need to build personalized segments and data-triggered campaigns, without needing to write code. Sync all engagement data out to your data warehouse and BI tools for deeper analysis.

Onboard, activate, and convert

Decrease users’ time-to-value and increase activation rates with the ability to build cross-channel campaigns aligned with key milestones or “aha moments” in your product — like setting up a high-value feature or adding a teammate to an account.


“CIO is the most intuitive and robust omnichannel messaging platform I’ve ever used. They beat the competition out of the water”

Alex MacCaw, Clearbit, Founder

Test and Iterate to Drive Deeper Adoption

Test how variables in your campaigns, cadence, and messaging are leading customers to increase their usage and achieve valuable outcomes. Increase customer lifetime value by triggering upgrade messaging when users hit usage limits or paywalls. Alert sales or success team members in your CRM when human touch is needed on enterprise or high-value accounts.

Consolidate Data and Messaging

Reduce data and messaging silos across internal teams silos by consolidating product-triggered campaigns, newsletters, and transactional messaging into Execute a true cross-channel engagement strategy across email, SMS, push, and in-app channels, while also customizing data workflows across your stack with webhooks.


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