Automated Messaging for SaaS Businesses

Deliver faster, better, and higher-quality messages. 
No one wants to be bothered in this day of age. Use real-time data to send personalized messages people want to receive. 

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Say It Like You Mean It

Build a campaign that resonates with your users. With no limit on customization, send the right message at the right time using email, SMS, push, and more. You can even keep your segments and ad audiences automatically in sync. In fact, we encourage it! 

Always Room to Grow

Our flexible workflow builder allows you to use data to define and customize each customer path. When you have the tools to design the best flow, you will ultimately provide the greatest customer experience. In all cases, if the user is likely to purchase or at risk to churn, every message will be unique.

Reward Loyalty With Recognition

With date and event-triggered campaigns, you can create personalized experiences based on user attributes (such as a birthday or anniversary) or when a user performs a specific event (recently purchased). will do the heavy-lifting and automatically send the message. All you have to do is schedule the campaign.

Design and Deliver

Partner with and identify the most effective messaging strategy to expand your subscriber base. With our champion combination of metrics, people, and Customer Success services, you will see the ROI right before your eyes. 

“For a recurring-revenue business, where ongoing communication is key to retention and referral, a tool like is essential to success.”

Michael Kolowich, Founder and CEO of KnowledgeVision


Popular Campaigns Amongst Our SaaS Customers


Engage and nurture new users to become paying subscribers.

Email SMS Push

Account Access

Send warning alerts when the account is close to or has exceeded the seat limit. 

Email SMS

Drop in Usage

Notify your team internally when a customer’s overall usage has dropped. 


Successful Setup

Congratulate your user on successfully connecting to a popular service or feature. 



Ask your users to complete a survey to understand what can be improved. 

Email SMS Slack

Product Education

Launch a nurture series to highlight product features and value.