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Improve Customer Retention

Be there for your people

Preserve good relationships and reward loyalty by giving customers a reason to stick around. Reflect, get creative, and deliver personalized campaigns to remind them.

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Actions speak louder than words

Illustration of a light bulb Increase customer lifetime value

Leverage user interest and product usage data to drive continued product adoption and reduce churn risk over time.

Showing the value of our products and sharing proper use cases has helped our business grow in unimaginable ways.

Headshot of Sophie  Sophie Gil | Audience Development Lead at Buffer
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Create a strategy for every kind of message

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Message types

Create automated or API triggered workflows, newsletters, and transactional messages – all within one platform using the same customer data.

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Send  email, push, SMS, and Slack . For anything else you can dream of, we have  webhooks  to deliver data immediately. 

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Make sure a message gets delivered within a very specific time range using  time delays, time windows, or wait until  a user takes an action.

  • Data & Integration

    Integrate data from your app, CRM, or CDP provider in  just a few clicks . Without delay, send identify and track calls to create user records and align associated events in

  • Segmentation

    Create sophisticated, data-driven segments in using everything you know about your users.

    purple arrow  Everything they have done in your product or service
    purple arrow   Messages delivered within a specific time period 
    purple arrow    Anything else you want to send through our API

    By tracking segment memberships over time, you can confidently target the right audience all the time.

  • Messaging

    Create complex workflows with sophisticated logic and deliberate personalization by using branched workflows with A/B testing, time delays, action conditions, and more.

    Send emails, push notifications, Slack, and SMS messages to deliver relevant information, or use a custom webhook action to send data through any service that has an API.

  • Metrics & Analysis

    Measure the success of your campaigns by defining custom conversion goals using the same profile attributes and behavioral conditions in your data-driven segments, like when people:

        Complete the onboarding program
        Upgrade to a new plan type
    purple arrow    Reactivate their account

  • Experimentation

    Our Customer Success experts work alongside you to design and refine highly effective acquisition and retention campaigns to meet your business goals. 

    Learn more about Customer Success  purple arrow