Multi-language messages

Localization for your global audience

Build one message. Deliver it in multiple languages.

Localize all your messaging channels

Build your cross-channel workflows with messages, time delays, and branches, and localize content during message creation. Your audience will receive emails, SMS, and push notifications in their preferred language.
Message Metrics

Performance metrics for every language

View campaign and newsletter performance in aggregate or broken down by language. Gain insights on messages that resonate stronger in one region vs. another. makes it simple to manage 5 different markets with 5 different languages so we can smoothly send out our weekly newsletters and our transactional messages.
Rihards Savickis, Global Head of CRM, Autobutler

Multi-language campaigns and newsletters

Streamline your global messaging strategy. Create a default message and select an unlimited number of language versions. Eliminate the pain of building the same message over and over.