Marketing Automation for Media Companies

Use to deliver content that is engaging and informative to promote artists, brands, and headlining news.

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Make a Lasting Impression

There are countless media businesses around the world competing to get your users’ attention. Use to make your messages more targeted and deliver personalized information that is relevant to your end-users.

Get the Word Out

Multiple touchpoints across many channels are essential for promoting media and content. Increase brand awareness and engagement by launching a multichannel campaign using email, push, and SMS. 

Strategize. Message. Grow.

Whether you’re sending an informal message about an upcoming event or a broad announcement about your product, use real-time, data-driven, automated engagement to grow your userbase.


Popular Campaigns Amongst Our Media Customers

New Article

Automatically send users new content when an article is published. 

API Triggered Broadcast Email

Event Reminder

Remind your users to register for an upcoming event.

Email SMS Push

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Identify and send users affiliated content related to recently viewed materials.

Email Push Facebook Ads


Engage and nurture new users to become paying customers. 

Email SMS Push


Motivate monthly users to subscribe to the annual plan. 



Offer a discount to users who churned 3+ months ago. 

Email Push