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One Platform.

Automate multichannel campaigns in to keep your users and vendors engaged and informed.
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Key Ingredients For Success

Build stronger relationships with your customers no matter what side of the business they are on. Using real-time behavioral data and advanced segmentation, send meaningful and personalized experiences across multiple channels at scale.


Connect To and Start Engaging With Your Customers

With Segment Sources, you can pipe campaign data in and out of and into your data warehouse and/or Segment’s 200+ integrations.

If you have a custom customer database or order management system, show your developers the API documentation for easy integration.

The RudderStack integration allows you to connect your RudderStack data directly to, a powerful email automation platform.

The Hull integration allows you to connect your Hull data directly to, a powerful email automation platform

Send your data to Salesforce using Zapier. Trigger campaigns or create profiles when a contact, lead, or account is created.

Start sending automated email, SMS, and postcard drip campaigns to your subscribers from just about any place your customer data is stored using the Zapier integration.

“The data, the features, and the way it’s organized; It’s everything I need for what I’m trying to do at Fixd. is a perfect match for me.”

— Fixd Repair, Cinch Home Services