Marketplace Customer Engagement

Engage All Sides of Your Marketplace

No matter your marketplace model, build personalized engagements for each customer type.

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Ready for your data model doesn’t require a specific data structure, making integration flexible to your current data frameworks and relationships between customer types. Tap into customer attributes, events, and event metadata to personalize messages and turn your messaging into a valuable and seamless extension of your product experience.

Nurture Positive Interactions on Your Marketplace

The value and risk of every marketplace business is the fact that your product and brand experience relies heavily on positive and intuitive interactions between customers. Foster timely communication between your customers with campaigns that are relevant to their role and recent interactions. Jump in with win-backs when customers indicate a lackluster experience.

Increase Customer LTV

Marketplaces rely on engaged customers on the supply and demand sides of the business. Test and iterate how different messaging campaigns increase retention and lifetime value for each customer type.

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Consolidate Data and Messaging

Ever realized your customer received 5 messages on the same day? Save your customer’s inbox, and gain campaign visibility for your entire team. Consolidate your automated campaigns, newsletters, and transactional messaging into


Connect To and Start Engaging With Your Customers

With Segment Sources, you can pipe campaign data in and out of and into your data warehouse and/or Segment’s 200+ integrations.

If you have a custom customer database or order management system, show your developers the API documentation for easy integration.

The RudderStack integration allows you to connect your RudderStack data directly to, a powerful email automation platform.

The Census integration allows you to sync your datawarehouse directly to, a powerful email automation platform

Send your data to Salesforce using Zapier. Trigger campaigns or create profiles when a contact, lead, or account is created.

Start sending automated email, SMS, and postcard drip campaigns to your subscribers from just about any place your customer data is stored using the Zapier integration.

“The data, the features, and the way it’s organized; It’s everything I need for what I’m trying to do at Fixd. is a perfect match for me.”

— Fixd Repair, Cinch Home Services