Webinar: Activating and Retaining Digital Health Members

When your product or service is as intimate as your customer’s health, how can you create campaigns that are both compassionate and effective in driving customer engagement?

Hear from special guest Tuure Lönnroth on how his team at Meru Health is using data-driven messaging campaigns to help their members adopt and maintain consistent mental health practices.

What you’ll take away:

  • Tips on approaching customer engagement when your product or service is very intimate to your customer
  • Strategies for building behavior-based campaigns that lead customers to your product’s value
  • Mobile – how to use push notifications to guide actions in your mobile app

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Chris Craver, Valley Bank

Special Guest: Tuure Lönnroth

Operations Development Director
Meru Health

Chris Craver, Valley Bank

Host: Cody Stover

Sr. Manager, Market Development