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Product Showcase

Unlock your data for more personalized, impactful campaigns

What data are you missing? Without important context on your users’ interests, needs, and product behaviors, it’s impossible to create personalized customer experiences.

Tune in to this webinar for a demo of 3 ways empowers you to access and act on your product and customer data to build more personalized, impactful campaigns – without constant need for developer time.

You’ll learn tactics & strategies to:

  • Unify your data – how to unify all your relevant data without constant reliance on developers.
  • Build data-driven campaigns – omnichannel strategies that adapt and react to key user interests and behaviors.
  • Align campaigns to key actions – go beyond opens and clicks. Build campaigns that are aligned with the behaviors and conversions that matter to your business.

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Featured Guests
Leah Thompson

Leah Thompson

Customer Success Manager

Cody Stover,

Cody Stover

Demand Generation Manager