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My Campaign: Personalized Onboarding by Lead Type

Bianca Landis, RescueTime

Bianca Landis

Director of Customer Relations

“At RescueTime, our customers are divided into several tiers. We use to create customized marketing and onboarding campaigns for maximum reach, conversion, and retention.”

Campaign Context

Lead Segmentation: RescueTime is a subscription model time management and productivity software for individuals and teams. When someone comes to RescueTime for the first time there are two entry points — they can either create a trial account or schedule a demo. If they don’t take action, we don’t want to lose them. We use to segment these different types of leads and this campaign (below) follows up with them according to those segments.

Reduce Reliance on Developers: Our product is built on Rails, so before we had, any time I wanted to make a change in content, I had to put in a request with our engineers. These requests obviously took them away from dev time and working on product bugs. We are a small team, so the fact that enables our marketing team to own and edit campaigns and content, without needing engineering help is huge. The only limit now is my own creativity.

Automation = Super Human: Having allows me to do the work of 3-4 people with automation. I set up (the automated campaigns), and then the only thing our team has to do is follow-up if a lead responds. We are able to sell our enterprise plan, like a sales team would.

Attribute Success In this campaign, we count a conversion if someone becomes a paid user. With, it’s valuable that I can attribute exactly how well this campaign is convincing someone to upgrade and purchase the paid version of our product.

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Lead Onboarding Campaign

Overview of RescueTime's campaign in visual workflow builder.

We trigger this campaign when a new lead creates a trial account, or schedules a demo. Our goal is to nurture them towards upgrading to a paid plan. We want to engage trial account and demo request leads differently, so we use the Multi-Split Branch to send them down different messaging paths.

Screenshot of the visual workflow builder, showing how this campaign splits leads based on sign up path — account creation or demo.

We nurture trial account users with platform training, since they are actively using our tool. For demo users, we send educational content related to our value proposition. We have over 2 million users all over the world, so the Time Window feature is crucial to deliver messages in each users’ timezone. We’ve found 4pm-5pm to be a sweet spot.

Screenshot of the visual workflow builder, showing how this campaign splits leads based on sign up path — account creation or demo.

We learned that 2-3 days between emails drives the most engagement. However, emails frequently get lost in the inbox, so we’ve found that the occasional quick 1 day follow-up helps bring that message back up.

One way I’m able to maximize efficiency is with the ability to use to mimic personalized human outreach. Just as a customer success team might send a manual check-in with a lead, we use a Dynamic From Address to automate this, but with the same helpful tone. visual workflow builder showing a 1 day delay and a customer success check in message allows us to set a Custom Conversion Goal, in this case, paid upgrades. As soon as someone upgrades, they are removed from this campaign.

If someone hasn’t upgraded after a couple of weeks we leverage the “fear of missing out. The final message lets them know that we won’t send any more messages. visual workflow builder showing a 1 day delay and a customer success check in message

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