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3 ways to maximize the value of your CDP

See how Data Pipelines can empower your team to access, analyze, and act on your data without needing constant support from your engineers.

Web and Server data connecting to data pipelines

Access your data with marketer-friendly integration methods

Source 1: Autotrack (marketer-friendly) – If you use Journeys for your messaging automation, simply turn on autotrack to push all your existing data integrations into Data Pipelines. 

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Source 2: JavaScript and Google Tag Manager (marketer-friendly) – integrate actions happening on your website using the Data Pipelines JavaScript snippet and Google Tag Manager.

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Source 3. Data Warehouse (bring your data team) – Pair Data Pipelines with your data warehouse via reverse ETL to achieve data consistency across your tech stack.

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Analyze and understand your customer journey

Gain a user-level view of your entire customer journey by routing relevant data into analytics tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude, Heap, and Google Analytics.

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Act on your data in your marketing and sales tools

Drive conversions and reduce customer confusion by synchronizing data between your marketing tools and sales CRM.

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What does Data Pipelines add to the world of CDPs?

Messy data causes engineering headaches and confusing customer experiences. We applied the expertise we’ve gained over the last 10 years, and built Data Pipelines to help integrate your entire tech stack for around half the cost of traditional CDPs.

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Get started for free

With 1 million API calls free each month, CDP gives everyone access to a customer data platform.

Built to scale

From early-stage startups to public companies, CDP is architected to meet your needs.

Compliance made easy

Ensure that all your security standards like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA are being met