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Retain your mobile customers by sending timely messages powered by behavioral data, through push notifications. Send alerts, updates, offers, and more, reaching them when it matters. All plans include unlimited mobile message sends at no extra cost.

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Mobile push notifications
Integrated marketing

Data-driven omnichannel messaging strategy 

Leverage your data to send dynamic mobile messages like in-app, push, and SMS that engage users wherever they are in their lifecycle. Guide people back to your app using tailored push notifications based on user preferences and actions, informed by real-time historical data.

Data-driven multi-channel strategy

Access zero- and first-party data

Use mobile SDKs to capture your app data, such as identifying people, custom events, screen views, and device tokens.

Data-driven segmentation

Split your audience into segments based on engagement with your app.

Dynamic messaging

Personalize messages based on your audience’s data using Liquid.


Push that delivers 

Guarantee the delivery of essential messages such as updates, billing notifications, and confirmations using our Transactional API.

Platform consolidation

Combine marketing and product messages seamlessly within a single platform, simplifying your messaging infrastructure and enhancing user experience.

Deliverability assurance

Ensure critical messages reach your audience quickly and reliably with our robust infrastructure, offering real-time delivery and minimized latency.

Consistent branding

Maintain brand consistency across all communications, including transactional messages, using our flexible styling options and layout controls.

Rich push notifications

An enhanced customer experience 

Drive mobile app sessions with content-rich messages that encourage action and direct your audience exactly where you want them to go.

Robust content

Leverage clickable links, images, and videos for engaging content that drives action.

Personalize actions

Maximize value by using deep links that take individuals to specific pages within your app.

Seamless integration with your mobile app

Our modular SDKs streamline mobile development. Identify users, track events, and send push notifications and in-app messages without writing your own integration from scratch. Our SDKs are split into packages for flexibility, allowing you to add only what you need to minimize the impact on your app's size.

Push notification features 

Simple push

Push notifications with only a title and body text

Rich push

Messages that include images, links, and sounds

Deep links

URLs that link people to specific screens within your app


Store language preferences for message localization

Dynamic content

Use Liquid to personalize messages with data

Push metrics

Track attempted, sent, opened, converted, and failed messages

Mobile SDKs

iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, Expo

A/B testing

Optimize messages and monitor performance

Developer resources

Get an easy yes from engineering 

Win the hearts of your mobile engineering team with our comprehensive developer documentation and intuitive SDKs. Streamline your integration process and watch your push notification strategy elevate customer satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. Get started with our SDKs.

Open-source SDKs (MIT licensed)

With semantic versioning (semver) SDK updates are frequent, ensuring access to the latest offering and keeping up with platform updates.

Designed with test automation in mind

Mocking plus dependency injection-friendly. Snapshot builds and quick releases so less time waiting for fixes.

Fully documented

Covers everything from implementation to common use cases. Access to internal testing apps for test automation and QA. Easy to set up and flexible to customize to your unique use cases.

Up-to-date with the latest versions

Available on package managers like Maven Central (Android), Swift Package Manager and Cocoapods (iOS and VisionOS) and more.


Mobile push notification strategies 

Discover push best practices and trends to enhance engagement with your mobile audience.

Customers love us

Preferred by product-led companies  


After evaluating Customer.io and Braze head to head, we decided to go with Customer.io for the ease of integration, transactional messages, our mobile capabilities, especially push notifications, and for the support, we know we would get.

Ivar Arulaid
Ivar ArulaidMarkting Operations & Automation Manager
Mido Lotto

Customer.io is so intuitive that anyone in our organization can understand how to use the platform. Being able to build and launch complex automated campaigns with a small amount of resources is phenomenal.

Hamish Elmslie
Hamish ElmslieChief Operating Officer

We use all channels in our campaigns, when it makes sense to do so. Last month we sent over 11M emails, over 5M push notifications, almost 1M in-app messages, and almost 100,000 SMS messages from Customer.io.

Diego Schocher
Diego SchocherBusiness Architect

The multi-channel approach allows us to test and refine our strategies through A/B testing, helping us understand what value propositions motivate our users.

Michał Dąbrowski
Michał DąbrowskiCommunications & Product Growth Manager

We have been using Customer.io since 2015, and it is a flexible and powerful platform. We can create customized campaigns based on how often our users walk their dogs, which makes our messaging more effective for us and our sponsors. Terrific customer support combined with their great product makes Customer.io an important partner for our mobile app.

Doug Hexter
Doug HexterCEO

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