Inside Actions - Why did we do it this way?

by Colin Nederkoorn

Marketing tech — and especially messaging / marketing automation — is hyper-competitive, with buyers struggling to differentiate between solutions.

If the marketing tech industry was the restaurant industry, people would all claim to serve “pizza...

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Our growing team

by Colin Nederkoorn

Friends, it has been hundreds of customers, millions of dollars of revenue and dozens of invaluable lessons since I last wrote to you.

Our long-term focus on building a lasting, impactful business led us to move the company headquarters to Portland...

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How Pairing Powers Remote Teams

by Alisdair McDiarmid

Over the past few months, has grown from ten people to almost 20, and our engineering team has more than doubled in size. With such rapid growth, getting everyone up to speed is a major challenge.

But it has worked out well so far! All...

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Here's what did for you in 2014

by Colin Nederkoorn


2014 is in the bag and it was a great year for We’re grateful to all of you — our customers, investors, friends — for your support and encouragement. We’re 2 ½ years into our 10 year plan to change how businesses communicate...

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The story of's logo

by Colin Nederkoorn

For the first year of, we made our own logo. After some traction in the marketplace and money in the bank, we decided to work with a professional designer to give our company an identity.

But let’s start this story a bit earlier. What...

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Last Month In Support - August 2014

by Diana Potter


Time for another monthly (ish) newsletter. So many tickets, so little time!

What’s the ticket volume been like?

In the last 30 days we’ve had 938 “conversations” with customers, right around the same as the 30 day period before it. For contrast...

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