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Internet of Things (IOT) Marketing Automation Platform

Automate communication to increase product awareness, efficiency, and enhance the overall customer experience.

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Connect with Your Customers on Another Level

Deliver Real-Time Updates

Timing is everything when it comes to connected devices and services. Use to confidently send real-time announcements, notifications, and alerts when it matters the most.


Control The Channels of Communication

IoT brands collect and transfer data through multiple systems. Why not do the same for messaging? gives you the tools to target and deliver automated messages across multiple channels and devices.

Apple Watch Notification

Learn About Your Customers

To grow your business, you need to know your users’ behaviors and patterns. Send more relevant and timely messages by segmenting your users based on pageviews, events, user attributes, devices, and action activity.


Popular Campaigns Amongst Our IoT Customers


Protection Series

Inform users when there is a new login attempt, or their device is no longer recognized.

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Personalized Onboarding

Shorten the learning curve and walk your customers through the onboarding process step-by-step.

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Device Alerts

Notify users when an abnormality is detected, the battery is low, or maintenance is required.

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membership update

Membership Update

Acknowledge milestones and keep users engaged with weekly reports. 


invite new user

Invite New User

Invite a family member or add a new device to your private group.

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Safety Best Practices

Show users how to keep their account safe.