Product Updates

Triggered Campaigns Major Upgrade

Jul 14 2016

Since the first version of triggered campaigns back in 2012, our understanding of your needs has increased dramatically.

You’ve inspired us to re-architect and build the most powerful and sophisticated version of campaigns...

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Newsletters Refined

Mar 15 2016

It’s not only important to have sure footing but also to know what your next steps are.

Last month we unveiled improvements to Triggered Campaigns to make them easier to understand, safer, and more powerful. We’re excited to bring that level of refinement...

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The 3-panel modern email composer

Feb 21 2016

It may take you by surprise the first time you’re pulled in to the email composer’s vortex of focus. Like a good book, the rest of the world falls away and you’re absorbed by your singular task.

3 panel composer

If you have a sufficiently large desktop, we’re going...

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Triggered Campaigns Refined

Feb 11 2016

We’ve begun a process that will make’s triggered campaigns easier to understand and safer yet more powerful.

The first step we’ve taken is to give you a guided process for creating a new triggered campaign.

The concepts are the same...

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More Flexibility in Segments

Nov 19 2015

Our segmentation engine is central to enabling you to send your campaigns to the right people, so we’ve been working to improve the segment creation process.

We wanted to make it easier to build segments, from the simplest grouping to more complex...

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Export Your Campaign Delivery Metrics

Oct 8 2015

You’re probably checking your campaign delivery stats on a regular basis. Now you can export those metrics for your triggered campaigns — including the number of emails sent, delivered, opened, clicked, converted, bounced, spammed, unsubscribed, dropped...

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More Detailed and Actionable Unsubscribe Rates

Jul 20 2015

A common question when someone unsubscribes from your emails is: “Which email did they unsubscribe from?”. Or “From which email did they unsubscribe?” if you want to be grammatically correct.

Now unsubscribes get attributed to specific emails and...

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