Product Updates

People search is back!

Aug 25 2017

Today, we announce a feature that brings a big improvement to, especially to those on our new infrastructure.

Previously, if you wanted to find a particular person in your database, you had to remember their exact email address...

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Our Slack action is official!

Aug 21 2017

Break out your party hats because it’s time to celebrate! Previously, when you enabled a Slack action in, you might’ve seen this banner:

Before - the unapproved banner
Un-approved :(

Well, it’s no more!

Before - the unapproved banner
Yay! Slack is official: we’ve gone through...

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Link tracking improvements

Jul 14 2017

In the past, tracked links in were served via HTTP. This presented a number of challenges in certain use-cases where HTTPS links were required.

We’re happy to announce that we now support upgrading tracked links to HTTPS as an extra step...

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See every task in progress

Apr 16 2017

What is a task? We’re defining a task as anything you can trigger in that requires us to process a lot of data and potentially put in a queue if you’ve performed several in a short period of time. This includes large newsletter sends, building...

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