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API Triggered Broadcasts: welcoming a new campaign type!

Jan 24 2018

Say your app connects volunteers with local charities in need. You want to send a message to your volunteers every time a new charity in their locale puts in a request for volunteers. With API triggered broadcasts, you can send new requests for volunteers, as they come in, to everyone in a specific area and send those messages over any medium like email, SMS, or push.

When sending news or automated updates to groups of people, there’s no reason that these broadcasts can’t be just as relevant as the rest of your messaging.

Introducing API Triggered Broadcasts from! With this new campaign type, you can automatically send one message to many people quickly in response to an API call— but still use up-to-the-moment data to personalize it. This way, you set up your campaign and messaging once. Then all you need to do is set up your API call and you’re good to go.

Read on to learn more about this new campaign and how it works. We’ve also got a video for you!

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Conversions - now with time windows!

Jan 3 2018

For all your campaigns, you want to be certain that your messaging is driving the right customer behaviours, and setting conversion goals is a critical part of that. People are marked as “converted” for each campaign or newsletter when they enter or leave a segment you define.

But, folks asked, what about timing? When you’re gauging your messages' success, you want to know not just that people entered or left your target segment, but that they did so within a specific amount of time. We’ve listened and now, you can do that!

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December Release Notes

Jan 2 2018

New & Improved

API credential management: you can now generate and rotate your own site ID and API keys.

Layout Usage: On each Email Layout’s page, you’ll now be able to see exactly which campaigns and emails it’s used in. This should be helpful when you’re making changes and want to know what’s affected!

layout index example

CTRL/CMD+F: This shortcut now works in the Layout editor. Small but mighty! We’re looking into adding even more shortcuts — got any favourites?

layout "Find" keyboard shortcut example

Beta volunteers?: We also started a beta test (as advertised in a recent newsletter of ours) for a new campaign type: triggering campaigns via our API! Interested in participating? Let us know!

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API credential management: the control is yours!

Dec 19 2017

In, your site ID and API key are used to authenticate with our API and send data to your workspace(s). They let your product share information with!

Prior to today, you only had one set of these credentials per workspace, and managing or rotating them yourself wasn’t really possible— you had to reach out to our support folks. Now, though, you can rotate your API credentials, create and use multiple sets, and manage it all from your account settings.

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November Release Notes

Nov 30 2017

Here’s what’s new and improved in in November!

In Case You Missed it…

Here is a quick overview of the larger updates to this month:

Smaller-but-no-less-important updates

Building segments with event attributes is less confusing

We removed the options to specify “is a timestamp before/after” conditions on event attributes in the segment builder. Customers told us this option was confusing, and we agreed. It didn’t behave as you expected it to, because evaluates event attribute filters when the event is received, not as time passes. There were also no use cases that these options enabled, so we removed them!

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Send Your Data into with Zapier

Nov 28 2017

Zapier helps teams get more done, all without developer help. Being able to move data between different platforms is a huge time-saver, and like many teams, we simply wouldn’t function as efficiently without Zapier’s automated app workflows.

We’re pleased to announce our new integration with Zapier so you can get more done in!

Zapier integration

Using Zapier to connect with other tools has become an integral part of our growth stack — and we hope it will become part of yours, too. Read on to learn about some potential use cases and helpful tips we’ve learned while using the integration ourselves.

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Custom preview text (aka preheader) enters the editor!

Nov 28 2017

This feature is available for accounts on the new Google Cloud infrastructure.

Your email’s preview text is one of the first things your users see. Also called the ‘preheader,’ it’s the small block of text which displays next to or underneath the subject line, and gives users incentive to open and read:

Gmail Preview Text example

Before, you could define this in, but only with some code-based workarounds. Now, you can easily add it as part of your email-composition workflow.

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Nov 1 2017

This feature is available for accounts on the new Google Cloud infrastructure.

In your workflow, time window actions enable you to configure your triggered campaigns to wait until a given day, time, and time zone to send your messages. But what if the customers you want to send your message to aren’t confined to one time zone? You want them all to receive your message “on Monday morning"— but "Monday morning” means something very different for someone in San Francisco vs. someone in London!

We want to enable you to send messages in not just in a time zone, but in your users' time zones! And now you can— with a new feature that we’re calling Time Zone Match!

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October Release Notes

Nov 1 2017

Here’s what’s new and improved in lately! We released an easier way to build and customize emails, updated newsletters to allow you to send to unsubscribed folks when necessary, and added options for invoice and technical contact email address specifications.

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